About Us

We’re here to advocate for you.

Welcome to MyPlanAdvocate. We are hard at work developing a customer and employee experience that endeavors to improve the lives of everyone we work with. We understand that saying that we’re different isn’t enough and that we must prove it every day in our actions and outcomes. We provide a free, no-obligation service to people on Medicare, people who will soon be on Medicare, and their caregivers.

MyPlanAdvocate is a National (licensed in all 50 states and DC) Medicare Agency with a team of licensed and certified agents dedicated to advocating on behalf of our customers. We want to do more than find a plan that is a good fit. We want to work with you to find you a plan that is right for your current and future needs, even if that plan is not a plan we are contracted to offer.

Determining the right plan is not a “Set it and forget it” situation. Needs change, plans change, and sometimes the world changes around you. MyPlanAdvocate wants to spend a few minutes with you every year to review your needs, your current plan, and any differences in what you have compared to what you need. With your consent, we’ll follow up with you every year during the Medicare Open Enrollment period to provide you with an “Annual Benefits Check-up.” That way, you can have the Peace-of-Mind that you’ve taken an active role in reviewing and choosing your plan every year.

If your situation changes mid-year, we can help with that too. Contact us, and we’ll help you determine if you qualify for a Special Election Period (SEP), allowing you to make plan changes without having to wait until the next Open Enrollment.

You are always welcome to work directly with your insurance provider for services or questions, but if for any reason you would like our assistance, call us, and we’ll work with you and your insurance company to answer your questions and resolve any issues.

Our Commitment To You